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Fancy meeting you here!

I knew I was in for a life of storytelling and music when I insisted that my papa get up and skip down the yellow brick road with me while watching The Wizard of Oz.

Every single time. Which was often.

I was fortunate to develop a love for the arts at a young age through my education, which eventually brought me to LIU Post, where I earned my BFA in Musical Theatre with a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies. I fell in love with devising and physical theatre while honing my skills in contemporary and classic work and musical theatre.

I believe in the power of the arts to connect us with each other to engage with our world in pursuit of change. I'm interested in characters that break barriers, whether personal or societal, and work that incites empathy, relearning, and conversation. I bring curiosity, specificity, and joy to every project as well as an attention to consent, boundaries, and self-care throughout artistic processes.


I'm also an avid reader, a hiker, and a fierce advocate for equity and justice. I work as a Direct Support Professional at Open Hearts Arts Center, supporting, collaborating, and teaching artists of varying abilities and ages in arts programming, including visual art, theatre, dance, and music.

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